Build Metal Car Garage

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The beginning of the construction of the metal car garage project. It does not necessarily have to be a roll of drawings, but the structure must be established and described in the document. The design phase will define the information that will solve a metal garage: it will only work garage parking meters, or to perform repairs if necessary manhole.

Metal car garage – To build a metal garage with the hands, require these materials: sheets, insulation, profile, bearing elements in the form of round tubes or, fasteners, cut, concrete elements. The metal is desirable to use galvanized plates, protected against oxidation. Considered to profile the very best material for a metal garage. It is reliable and durable, but it has a disadvantage – relatively higher cost. It is much cheaper to primer, but withstands changes in temperature and precipitation, and it lasts because shortly.

It is also crucial to determine the size of the metal car garage, depending on the characteristics of the site and the area where it is intended to place the building, as well as the problems of commander solution expected of it. For garage rentals are a size of 3 to 5.5 meters, clearly, if the car is not”hammer”. Needless to say, the building’s dimensions have increased if the equipment is not there.