Bunk Bed with Trundle Design

Bunk Bed with Trundle Ideas

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Bunk bed with trundle – The trundle bed is a multi functional bed. It has a clever device that can hide a bed in a drawer under the bed or on a sofa. Simply pull the drawer to enjoy.  The trundle bed is a great trick to increase the number of beds comfortably without losing too much space in everyday life. Sofa bed the drawer that is below may allow different uses.

While it is still too small to invite friends to the house, nothing prevents you to use the space under the bed for storage. Then you have to cut a thin plate to lay on the bed to be able to store toys for your child. Thus the pull-out bed can become a real bunk bed with trundle salable according to the needs of your child. Used in a guest room, it can also take many advantages. Sofa possible, bed single or double as required. There are different models, different styles. To you to choose the one that suits you.

To easily use the bunk bed with trundle without making the tedious deployment, it is preferable that the wheels are placed under the feet of the bed inside. It is also important to choose a height of upper bed large enough to be able to leave on the second bed a mattress that will fit easily under the main bed. At the material in general, wood is the most used for its practical side, aesthetic and comfortable.