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Daybed with Trundle in Decoration V 3.0

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Amazing designs and functions of daybed with trundle shall improve your rooms although small spaced. A wide variety of choices are yours to decide. Today there is a wide variety of styles and shapes in the beds of our little nest: to save space, drag, compact, drawers, etc. We will provide more ideas both in styles and configurations trundle beds.

  1. Daybed with trundle to save space

Children and youth trundle beds are one of the first space-saving solutions. They are functional and the kids will love.

      2. Pullout drag

The drag nest beds are composed of a fixed bed and trundle bed underneath another. The latter has a frontal drag allowing easy handling can take, lift and position the same height as the main bed.

      3.Daybed with trundle with drawers

These trundle beds are those that include a structure with several large drawers at the bottom where you can store everything discreetly and imperceptible, whether shoes or toys.

      4.Trundle beds with desk

The daybed with trundle are beds with desk including a shelf that extends as a study desk or table, or become one motion to table and kept the Murphy bed. Ideal for children or adolescents and for spaces.

      5. Trundle beds with wheels

This type of trundle beds allows the lower or intermediate folded bed move easily thanks to its wheels.