Shabby Chic Dark Basement

Decorating Dark Basement

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Dark Basement – It’s not a picture anyone wants to be associated with his own home. While some basements are used primarily for storage, others are comfortable for human use for recreation or social activities. Decorating a dark basement may require some maintenance and effort but the results can easily be worth the extra time.


Carefully drain the Dark Basement to remove dust, dirt and other debris. Sweep high in the corners of the room as well as eliminate spider webs. Thoroughly wash the source floor and walls with warm water and mild detergent. Apply a degreaser for any oil or grease stains, and an oxalic acid cleaner to any rust stains. Follow all safety instructions and wear rubber gloves. Apply a primer to cellar walls with a roller or syringe. If the surface is smooth, a layer should suffice, but coarser textures will need at least two layers, with the other applied after the first has dried.

Dark Basement can to paint the walls a bright color, to combat the lack of daylight. Brighter colors will better reflect what light is – and what electrical lighting can add – make the rooms cheerier. Lay down a light colored carpet that complements your wall color or colors. Basements tend to be cooler due to lack of sunlight and contact with the ground, so rugs can help keep the room warmer by acting as an insulator on the floor and adding comfort generally.