Modern Bunk Bed Loft

Design a Cool Bunk Bed Loft

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Bunk bed loft – A loft bed is designed to be raised from the floor. Consider a loft bed as a bunk bed that has only a top bunk. You can use the space under the top bunk of the bed for you, such as extra storage, like a dresser or a reception. Are you interested in building your own loft bed; you can do it with basic amenities, including wood, wood glue, a power nailed and plywood. The first thing you need to do, however the design loft bed. Add cool features to help make it your own.

Use graphing paper to help make the design process easier. Determine a scale, such as 1 inch on the paper is equal to 1 foot in real life. Set up the basic design of the bunk bed loft. You have four messages that bring the mattress several feet off the floor. Also, you need side rails for the mattress and a ladder. The ladder can be built into a side of the loft bed, or the individual can be built.

Close to some nice molding on the design cool loft bed. The tops of each post molding can record or you can post up with a beautifully carved piece of wood. Decorative pieces can be made by cutting a mold or purchased at a home improvement store. Add color. The color you choose can make the coolest part of your bunk bed loft. Opt for something bold and daring, such as purple or lime green bed, if it fits your personality, or you can choose a base color and paint the sports, support pieces and decorative above a cool color such as red, blue, orange, green or pink.