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DIY Linen Cabinet

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Are you interested in making your own linen cabinet? Follow these guidelines in how to DIY linen cabinet simply, quickly and on a budget. A linen cabinet does not have to have an expansive base, for its capacity requires just that it be wide enough for a collapsed shower towel or blanket.


1. Set the two 24-by-60-inch sheets parallel to one another, 2 feet separated, on their long, thin edges. These sheets will be the sides of the linen cabinet. While an associate holds the long sheets set up, push one of the 24-by-24-inch sheets against the closures of the side sheets so it is perpendicular to them.

2. Modify the sheets so the outside edge of each of the side sheets is even with the outside edges of the top board.

3. Position one of the 24-by-61-inch sheets uniformly on top of the cabinet with the goal that it lines up solidly with all the long ago introduced sheets. This is the over of the cabinet.

4. Reverse the cabinet so its front side is presently confronting up. Set the other 24-by-61-inch board on the front surface to serve as the entryway of the cabinet; line it up decisively with alternate sheets.

5. Place three equitably separated pivots between the entryway and the side of the cabinet.

6. Drill an opening in the entryway  linen cabinet for the handle, close to the opening side around 3 feet off the floor.