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Full Daybed with Chaise Longue and Storage Space

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Improving your home with furniture has always been an effective way. Full daybed with chaise lounge and storage will definitely make a fine one. Couch had the sofa bed, full daybed with trundle legs to that serve as chests, and then sees how the chaise longue is increasingly incorporated into the existing decor.

Well, a compendium of all these concepts is the furniture that presents fantastic full daybed with chaise longue and storage space. A great idea that will become a favorite of many of our readers.

Sofa bed

But that we offer many sofas of this style, but it also becomes a large, comfortable full daybed. A simple system allows you to convert part of the triplet in a perfect bed for guests or for yourself if you ever decide to stay to sleep on the couch. An added bonus to enjoy a Sunday in winter, while during the week is displayed as a couch that does not occupy much space.

Lounge chair with storage

And if all this were not enough, the part to be folded chaise longue. Its bottom is ideal for storing bed linens you will use on the day you open the sofa instead. There you can save the sheets, pillow and duvet to keep on hand whenever you need it. Me love me completely, how about you?