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Garage Lift Ideas on the Living Room

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Garage Lift -The new design of the Porche Design tower in Florida is at the forefront of luxury. In this brand new skyscraper located Sunny Isles Beach offers the possibility to park the car inside the apartment. This is an innovative idea by the designer Gil Dezer, developer of Porche Design.

Three high-tech garage lift allow residents to load and deliver their cars to their private garages at the top of the tower. The owner, after entering through the garage of the building, accesses the glass cabin of one of these exclusive lifts. Without having to get out of the car, you will arrive at the indicated floor and disembark. All this automatically thanks to a system of guides.

To realize this spectacular garage lift project. It has been necessary to create glass elevators, designed and built specifically for this tower. They offer an ultra-isolation to avoid disturbances to other neighbors of the building. In addition, owners can schedule the lift to take the car to the garage, leaving it ready to move at the time indicated. At the technical level, the benefits are also surprising: cabin with a circular shape (imitating the shape of the tower). Runs 60 floors at 4 meters per second and has a load capacity of 3600kg. Can you imagine being able to park the car next to the sofa?