Distressed Leather Sofa Design

How to Fix the Color of Distressed Leather Sofa

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The distressed leather sofa can wear out over time due to a variety of circumstances, including the age and weather, especially when furniture is left outside of the house.


  1. Rub the cleaner leather on the couch. Place a small amount in the center of a soft, white cloth and rub the cleanser in a circular motion, moving the cloth over the entire couch.
  2. Apply conditioner leather with a second clean cloth following the steps above. The leather conditioner to achieve the rich color draw once the couch is clean.
  3. Use distressed leather sofa dye for color repair following the instructions of the kit. Use a kit to dye aniline leather sofas made those finishes aniline.
  4. You use a stain remover for leather to repair the color. Large ink stains can damage and interfere with the color of distressed leather sofa. Apply a small amount of stain remover to a clean, dry cloth.
  5. Uses a patch kit leather repair leather areas that are discolored. Choose a patch of leather to match the original color of the sofa to match. Take the patch and place it over the stain.
  6. Use a steam iron at medium temperature and follow the instructions of the kit. Place the iron on patch to be melted onto the leather.