60 inch Round Dining Table Desgn

How to Make Table Runner for 60 inch Round Dining Table (152.4 cm)

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You can make your own 60 inch round table design. It is sure an interesting activity to fill your day with creativity and personality pouring. A path table adds a decorative element to any table or flavored smooth tablecloth for 60 inch round table. The trick to making the path table perfect for any occasion hem tape is used for ironing. Comes in a variety of colors and eliminates the need to sew. For an object of light use as a path table, hem tape ironed last for decades of special occasions. It can be challenging to find a double-width fabric for a tablecloth in one piece, but the final project will have value and have a tablecloth as it will cost one half done.

Instructions of table runner for 60 inch round dining table

  1. Fold 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) on each edge of the material and hold it using dressmaker pins.
  2. Iron the material for make table runner for 60 inch round table so that it lies flat.
  3. Remove the pins of make table runner for 60 inch round dining table.
  4. Fold the material again to 1/2 inch (1.2 cm) and keep it together with pins. Fold twice removes the rough edges.
  5. Cutting a length of 60 inch round dining table (152, 4 cm) hem tape and place under one side of the material under the folded edge. Iron according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeated for the other three sides.