Flower Chenille Baby Blanket

Simple Chenille Baby Blanket

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Chenille baby blanket – It’s super simple and easy to make for a super soft and comfortable fabric. A great project for beginners or experienced sewer and beautiful baby gifts. Place the two fabric mouth down on the first and try to align as best as possible. The right side of the fabric should be facing each other. Using the edge Strait and rotary cutter Blade covers, trim the bangs so that the fabric has a suitable straight edge. Pin all around the edges of the fabric, securing them together.

Now simply use your machine sewing, begin stitching 1/2 inch all around the outside of the square, leaving about an opening in one side of 10-inch. Reaching through the opening and pull the right side of the fabric. Use the handle of a wooden spoon if chenille baby blanket necessary to push the corners.

Then chenille baby blanket turned out with the right side of the fabric that, ending the opening by bending the raw fabric to fabric 1/2 inch, bolt to secure the border and hand sew closed. You can also use a sewing machine and make the stitches as close to the edge as possible. Now for the final touch, stitch around half an inch on the edge around the blanket. Straight stitching the easier if you are a beginner with this fabric, but may want to consider the use of decorative stitches for a finishing touch.